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Step Up Your BA Career

Business Analysis Summit 2018

Attention: business analysts and change professionals

Are YOU involved in improving business? Do you work with people to change processes, systems and/or the structure of their organisations? Do you need a huge range of skills, behaviours and competencies to make change work through and with others? If so, you’ll know how important it is to keep developing your mindset, skills and thinking to deal with the complex and ambiguous world we live in and to help you to engage and influence others. In this free virtual summit, your host Penny Pullan will ask your questions to leading speakers and thinkers from around the world, covering: leadership, resilience, soft skills, mentoring, system thinking, improv, cognitive biases and more. All of this will help you to step up your BA career.

Penny has built up over the years a powerful virtual summit for us, Business Analysts and Project Managers. Every year she has managed to further improve the format and content of the event, selecting trendy topics for each edition. Looking forward to next year!

Sr Business Analyst in Switzerland

Join us for the eighth, annual, free, virtual and online Business Analysis Summit. This 2018 summit, from 22nd January 2018, features short interviews with world-class experts and practising business analysts.
The 2018 theme for the Business Analysis Summit is Step up Your BA Career! The Summit is a unique chance for you to develop your skills, without the costs and hassle of travel. There is no charge to register to listen in to each speaker via the web each day, at a time to suit you, and to join in the discussions on Twitter and LinkedIn. There are already over 1500 participants registered for this eighth annual BA Summit, a key event for business analysts since 2010.

Joy Marsden

Keep Stepping!
22 January 2018

Penny Pullan

Honing Your Leadership Skills as a BA
23 January 2018

Adrian Reed

Systems Thinking: A Crucial BA Skill
24 January 2018

Kupe Kupersmith

Getting Real Engagement Using Improv Skills
25 January 2018

Liz Calder

Cognitive Biases and the BA – Understanding How People Make Decisions
26 January 2018

Michael Augello

Unlock Your BA and Leadership Potential
29 January 2018

Feedback From Past Summits

Excellent summit with a broad range of topics and lots of valuable learning points, thank you Penny.

Corrine Thomas

The flexibility of listening to the session at a convenient time during the day, the fact that it was a webinar, duration of the sessions were just long enough to keep my interest; excellent presentation and quality speakers.

Anne Marie Tovey



Business Analyst

Thanks for going to the work to putting this on. It’s a great format and good supplement to other knowledge gathering opportunities. I am a fairly experienced BA, but I always find opportunities to listen to other’s perspectives very helpful.

Kent J. McDonald



Business Advisor Knowledge Bridge Partners

1. The summit being available throughout the day 2. Diverse background of speakers 3. Very well moderated, representing the voice of the listeners / questioners 4. Linkedin group for discussions It was a wonderful summit and I feel privileged in being a part of it. Definitely look forward to attending such summits in future as well.

Salman Saleem



Sr. Business Analyst

All the summit was excellent. Wonderful! But, the ‘career focus day' was the high point.

Arlinda Veiga



Business Consultant

I thought the pace and lengths of each of the sessions were pitched just right, allowing me to take the discussions on-board without feeling ‘swamped’ at any point. I think it was very helpful. Thanks for a great series of talks!

Ken Parsonage



Senior Business Analyst

A great summit. I feel quite invigorated!

Nicki Boyd

Was easy to listen, stop and start. Thanks Penny!

Jill St. Clair



Sr Business Analyst

I liked hearing the views of where things are going and what techniques are used. It helps to keep our own role structure and methods in perspective.

Jeffrey Nakar



MIMIS Business Analyst

The topics were really interesting and the 1 pagers that were provided allowed for additional insight into the topics. A huge thank you for taking the time to help us all become more professional and improve our skills.




Business Analyst

I loved it! I loved the flexibility of being able to login anytime during the day to hear the interviews. The speakers that I heard were very professional, and well worth the time invested to listen to them. This was excellent!! thank you!

Debbie Garcia



Business Analyst

Your summits are great Penny - a community of real people, a well thought out line up of speakers & topics, good questions, real connection, real value!

Grace M

Meet Our Speakers

Joy Marsden

22nd January 2018

Keep Stepping!

Joy’s mission is to ‘Inspire the Worlds Professionals’. She is known for her incredible, purpose-filled healthy perspective to work and everyday pressures. Joy has a wealth of experience working with high level executives and coaching managers and their teams. She gives people in organisations the tools to deliver their best even in pressured and uncertain times. Whereas others push you to work harder and make sacrifices, Joy focuses on working with excellence and stepping through challenges in order to stand out and get better results. Follow Joy on Twitter @JoyMarsden or visit her website here.

Penny Pullan

23rd January 2018

Honing Your Leadership Skills As A BA

Dr Penny Pullan is your Summit Host and the author of  both Virtual Leadership and  ‘Business Analysis and Leadership. Her session today will focus on your questions on how you can develop the key leadership and soft skills that take a business analyst from good to outstanding. Her answers will be wide-ranging: from reading and reflection on your own and dealing with feedback, to working with peers, mentors and coaches at work (and beyond).
Penny has worked across industry sectors from banking and finance, through to telecoms and pharmaceuticals. She enjoys making a difference with people grappling with tricky projects. Tricky means anything from risky, with ambiguous requirements, to having disinterested stakeholders, probably with a team dispersed around the world. If that’s your world, that’s where Penny is too! Penny is a director of Making Projects Work Ltd, and she has hosted Virtual Summits since 2010. You can contact Penny on Twitter at @PennyPullan or by responding to the summit e-mails.

Adrian Reed

24th January 2018

Systems Thinking: A Crucial BA Skill

It has often been said that we live in an increasingly volatile, complex and ambiguous world. The external business environment is complex and fast-moving, yet often our stakeholders are blindsided by ‘silver-bullet’ solutions that assume a neat linear relationship between cause and effect. In reality, things are rarely neat and linear. More often we’ll find that situations are devilishly difficult, requiring us to understand and engage with a whole range of messy interconnected issues and perspectives. In this session, Adrian Reed will discuss how systems thinking can help us explore these ‘messy’ situations, and can help organisations ‘learn their way through’ tricky problems. Adrian Reed is a true advocate of the analysis profession. In his day job, he acts as Principal Consultant and Director at Blackmetric Business Solutions where he provides Business Analysis consultancy and training solutions to a range of clients in varying industries. Adrian is Immediate Past President of the UK chapter of the IIBA and he speaks internationally on topics relating to Business Analysis and business change. You can read Adrian’s blog here. Follow Adrian on Twitter @UKAdrianReed

Kupe Kupersmith

25th January 2018

Getting real Engagement Using Improv Skills

Kupe, an improvisational actor, focuses on key improvisation lessons that will help you be a more attentive and flexible team member. Being a better improviser helps you improve the following skills – listening, communication, collaboration, relationship building, negotiating, influencing, critical thinking, leadership, and more. And your ability to gain buy-in, earn trust, and to make high velocity, quality decisions. In his book, To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink highlights improvisation as a critical skill for everyone. With Kupe’s improv, IT and business background, he will be able to help you directly apply these skills on the job.

Liz Calder

26th January 2018

Cognitive Biases and the BA – Understanding How People Make Decisions

Over Liz’s BA career, whether working in large or small organisations she has noticed people can behave in the most unexpected ways. And sometimes that has even included herself! In her session, Liz will explore how fascinating new discoveries in the area of neuroscience explain some of these behaviours. She will look at how cognitive biases affect BAs in all parts of their role, from running workshops and eliciting requirements through to delivering business cases. And, it’s not just theory – she will also discuss some practical steps people can take to help both themselves, and others, make better quality decisions.

Michael Augello

29th January 2018

Unlock Your BA and Leadership Potential

We are often reminded to take ownership of our own career development. We are often told “your career is your responsibility”. Sound familiar? Most of us follow our intuition and if we are lucky we find ourselves in the roles we enjoy. What if we approached it a little more structured and planned our development and our careers? Join Michael as he shares his international case study experiences and answers your questions on his proven techniques to kick-start your career, to craft a great career development plan and to get ‘un-stuck’ in your career. Michael is himself an influential leader in Business Analysis. He is a current board director role on the global board of IIBA® where he has had a central role in developing strategy. Michael served as Board Chair in 2014-2016. After a career in project delivery, Michael co-founded a successful consulting company which led to a stock exchange public listing in 2007. In recent years, Michael has returned to Business Analysis leadership through coaching, mentoring and leading capability uplift programs.

Here’s Why You Should Sign Up for the 2018 Business Analysis Summit

Attend from the comfort of your own home or office

All the interviews can be listened to online. There’s no travel or hotels to book, saving you money and avoiding you having to take time off work and arrange cover to attend, and spending time away from work and your family.

Online Access to the Interviews

The interviews will be available online, for free, on the appropriate day of the summit so you can listen to them at your own convenience.

A panel of hand-picked expert speakers

Your expert speakers have been chosen by your host, Dr Penny Pullan. They will expand your thinking and provide tools and techniques for you to try out, safe in the knowledge that they’re coming from experts.

The Chance to Upgrade

To gain access to all the interviews, forever, and one to one interaction to discuss each session with the Summit host.