The Business Analysis Summit is now over, the next summit will be in January 2020

Attention: business analysts and change professionals

Are YOU involved in improving business? Do you work with people to change processes, systems and/or the structure of their organisations? Do you need a huge range of skills, behaviours and competencies to make change work through and with others? If so, you’ll know how important it is to keep developing your mindset, skills and thinking to deal with the complex and ambiguous world we live in and to help you to engage and influence others. In this free virtual summit, your host Penny Pullan will ask your questions to leading speakers and thinkers from around the world, covering: leadership, resilience, soft skills, mentoring, system thinking, improv, cognitive biases and more. All of this will help you to step up your BA career.

"Penny has built up over the years a powerful virtual summit for us, Business Analysts and Project Managers. Every year she has managed to further improve the format and content of the event, selecting trendy topics for each edition. Looking forward to next year!"

Sr Business Analyst, Switzerland

"Huge thanks to Penny Pullan for another excellent BA Summit. I highly recommend this free annual event to all BAs out there. Excellent and insightful speakers once again Penny."

Carol Friel
Senior Business Analyst

Join us for the tenth, annual, free, virtual and online Business Analysis Summit. The 2020 summit will feature short interviews with world-class experts and practicing business analysts.

The 2019 theme for the Business Analysis Summit was Innovation! The Summit is a unique chance for you to develop your skills, without the costs and hassle of travel. There is no charge to register to listen in to each speaker via the web each day, at a time to suit you, and to join in the discussions on Twitter and LinkedIn. There are already over 1500 participants registered for this tenth annual BA Summit, a key event for business analysts since 2010.

These are the speakers from the 2019 Summit, to give you a flavour of the summit

Penny Pullan

Summit & Innovation Introduction
Monday 14 January 2019

James Robertson

Business Analysis Agility
Tuesday 15 January 2019

Laura Brandenburg

Innovation in Learning – Leveraging the Real-World in Training to Create Success
Wednesday 16 January 2019

Filip Hendrickx

Outcome Validation: an Essential BA Skill Thursday 17 January 2019

Debra Paul

Where Does the Future Lie for Business Analysis? Friday 18 January 2019

Feedback From Past Summits

Excellent summit with a broad range of topics and lots of valuable learning points, thank you Penny.

Corrine Thomas

The flexibility of listening to the session at a convenient time during the day, the fact that it was a webinar, duration of the sessions were just long enough to keep my interest; excellent presentation and quality speakers.

Anne Marie Tovey



Business Analyst

Thanks for going to the work to putting this on. It’s a great format and good supplement to other knowledge gathering opportunities. I am a fairly experienced BA, but I always find opportunities to listen to other’s perspectives very helpful.

Kent J. McDonald



Business Advisor Knowledge Bridge Partners

1. The summit being available throughout the day 2. Diverse background of speakers 3. Very well moderated, representing the voice of the listeners / questioners 4. Linkedin group for discussions It was a wonderful summit and I feel privileged in being a part of it. Definitely look forward to attending such summits in future as well.

Salman Saleem



Sr. Business Analyst

All the summit was excellent. Wonderful! But, the ‘career focus day' was the high point.

Arlinda Veiga



Business Consultant

I thought the pace and lengths of each of the sessions were pitched just right, allowing me to take the discussions on-board without feeling ‘swamped’ at any point. I think it was very helpful. Thanks for a great series of talks!

Ken Parsonage



Senior Business Analyst

A great summit. I feel quite invigorated!

Nicki Boyd

Was easy to listen, stop and start. Thanks Penny!

Jill St. Clair



Sr Business Analyst

I liked hearing the views of where things are going and what techniques are used. It helps to keep our own role structure and methods in perspective.

Jeffrey Nakar



MIMIS Business Analyst

The topics were really interesting and the 1 pagers that were provided allowed for additional insight into the topics. A huge thank you for taking the time to help us all become more professional and improve our skills.




Business Analyst

I loved it! I loved the flexibility of being able to login anytime during the day to hear the interviews. The speakers that I heard were very professional, and well worth the time invested to listen to them. This was excellent!! thank you!

Debbie Garcia



Business Analyst

Your summits are great Penny - a community of real people, a well thought out line up of speakers & topics, good questions, real connection, real value!

Grace M

Meet Our 2019 Summit Speakers

Penny Pullan

14th January 2019

Summit & Innovation Introduction

Dr Penny Pullan is your Summit Host, who is the author of both Virtual Leadership’ and ‘Business Analysis and Leadership‘. Her session introduces the Summit, the concept, the participants and the speakers. She’ll go on to discuss what innovation is and why it’s the focus of this week’s summit. Ask her your questions on innovation and business analysis, especially those aspects around leadership and collaboration, the subject of her next book.

Penny has worked across industry sectors from banking and finance, through to telecoms and pharmaceuticals. She enjoys making a difference with people grappling with tricky projects. Tricky means anything from risky, with ambiguous requirements, to having disinterested stakeholders, probably with a team dispersed around the world. If that’s your world, that’s where Penny is too! Her form of creative collaboration helps people on these tricky projects to develop the confidence and competence to do great things with others. Penny is a director of Making Projects Work Ltd, and she has hosted Virtual Summits since 2010. You can contact Penny on Twitter at @PennyPullan or by responding to the summit e-mails.

James Robertson

15 January 2019

Business Analysis Agility

James Robertson is a business analyst, problem solver, author, speaker, instructor, photographer, designer, and coach. He trained as an architect but left that for a career in IT and the sociological side of technology. He left the security of employment in Australia to move and start his own company (with his brilliant wife) in the United Kingdom. Since then he has gone on to co-author seven books, numerous courses, and the Volere requirements techniques and templates, which have been adopted by organizations all over the world as their standard for gathering, discovering, communicating, tracing, and specifying solution needs.

James’ career is broad, both in a geographical sense and the areas and systems that he has worked with. It is fair to say that James has worked on almost every type of commercial IT project—from a start as a programmer in a software development house in Sydney, to consulting in New York, London, Rome, and most European capitals. He has earned his experience at the sharp end of both project and research work.

James’s latest book (seventh and counting) is Business Analysis Agility. In this, James and co-author Suzanne Robertson demonstrate how business analysts can work in an agile way, and mesh seamlessly with an agile development team. They show how to overcome the problem of the assumed solution where the project starts with a product backlog. This means that the project starts with a solution, and not the problem to be solved. The book reveals how business analysts can discover the right problem to solve, and how their findings can be synchronised with the delivery cycles of the developers.

You can find James on Twitter here, and at his website here.

Laura Brandenburg

16 January 2019

Innovation in Learning – Leveraging the Real-World in Training to Create Success

Laura Brandenburg, CBAP, internationally-recognized leader known for helping mid-career professionals start business analysis careers. She is the creator of Bridging the Gap and the best-selling author of How to Start a Business Analyst Career.

Laura brings more 15 years of experience in the business analysis profession, filling such diverse roles as a full-time business analyst, consultant, and hiring manager and is celebrating 10 years providing online training. She has created an innovative learning model which involves online instruction, concrete (real-world) exercises, and individualized instructor support that helps new and transitioning professionals truly build their competence, confidence, and experience, which leads to them achieving their career goals more quickly.

You can connect with Laura on LinkedIn here.

Filip Hendrickx

17 January 2019

Outcome Validation: an Essential BA Skill

Filip Hendrickx is a BA coach and innovation consultant, who helps established organisations to use their resources to outperform startups. Key in this is tapping into existing knowledge and experience, in both business and IT, along with collaboration. Filip suggests that continuous customer validation should drive your approach, along with a clear innovation process. This brings structure and speed to efforts to innovate. Of course, a can-do mentality helps along the way!

Filip’s analysis skills supported his early career in multimedia, as a software developer, moving into business analysis and architecture later on. Now he focuses his time on innovation consultancy, tapping into his technical background to understand options and possibilities, and supporting clients to develop small but tangible proof of concepts. These give much more valuable feedback than ideas on slides!

In this session, Filip will explain how outcome should drive analysis and implementation efforts in every kind of project, whether it’s a process improvement, system upgrade, or radical innovation venture. However, outcome usually is uncertain. That’s where continuous validation comes into play. Are you achieving the benefits your business case predicts? Is there a way to tell before implementing the whole scope? Filip will offer practical guidelines and tips on the why, how and what of your validation efforts.

You can find Filip at his website here.

Dr Debra Paul

18 January 2019

Where Does the Future Lie for Business Analysis?

Organisations have to cope with relentless change and increasing complexity, responding to customer needs, technology developments and competitor actions. The business analyst role has the potential to support organisations in the face of these varying demands but are business analysts able, or enabled, to do this? What is the value proposition for business analysis? What attributes should business analysts possess to work effectively with their customers, enable value co-creation and, ultimately, make a difference? Dr Debra Paul will discuss these questions and more during this discussion on where the future lies for the business analysis discipline.

Debra Paul is the Managing Director of Assist Knowledge Development Ltd, a training and consultancy company specialising in business analysis. Debra jointly edited and authored the publication, Business Analysis, and is also the co-author of Agile and Business Analysis, Business Analysis Techniques and The Human Touch. Debra has recently completed her doctoral research into the role of the business analyst and the business analysis service offering.

Debra is a regular speaker at business seminars and IS industry events. She has been a keynote presenter at business analysis conferences, delivering presentations such as ‘Business Analysis: The Third Wave’ and ‘Business Analysis: relevance and recognition’. Debra is a founder member of the BA Manager Forum, a networking organisation for senior BAs and BA managers and was the chief architect of the BCS Advanced Diploma in Business Analysis.

You can find Debra at her website here or on Twitter here.

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