Mini Summit in May

Are YOU involved in improving business? Do you work with people to change processes, systems and/or the structure of their organisations? Do you need a huge range of skills, behaviours and competencies to make change work through and with others?

If so, you’ll want to join us for the next Business Analysis Summit. While our main summit in November feature short interviews with world-class experts, we have a Mini Summit in May, from 28th onwards. This mini summit is different. This time, the speakers are business analysts, sharing their own views on the topic of ‘The Value of Business Analysis’. Please do take part too!

The Business Analysis Summit is a unique chance for you to develop your skills, without the need to travel. There is no charge to register to listen in to each speaker via the web each day, at a time to suit you, and to join in the discussions.

Who should attend? Those working on improving business through changing processes, systems, organisational structure and/or infrasture. Those interested in delivering solutions that fits the needs of their organisations. Your title could be business analyst, project manager, programme manager, requirements engineer, business architect, business process manager, product manager, Lean or SixSigma specialist, or even business systems analyst, amongst many other things. The key is that you are involved in making a change for the better. If that’s you, then:

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