2010 BA Summit Speakers and Feedback

The first summit was held in November 2010. Here’s the original page showing the rationale behind it, the speakers and the fabulous feedback!

Are YOU involved in improving business? Do you work with people to change processes, systems and/or the structure of their organisations? Do you need a huge range of skills, behaviours and competencies to make change work through and with others?

If so, you’ll want to join us for the Business Analysis Summit. The 2010 Summit featured short interviews with world-class experts, one each day throughout the summit, along with the ability to interact. The Business Analysis Summit is a unique chance for you to develop your skills, without the need to travel. There is no charge to register to listen in to each speaker via the web each day, at a time to suit you, and to join in the discussions.

Who should attend? Those working on improving business through changing processes, systems, organisational structure and/or infrasture. Those interested in delivering solutions that fits the needs of their organisations. Your title could be business analyst, project manager, programme manager, requirements engineer, business architect, business process manager, product manager, Lean or SixSigma specialist, or even business systems analyst, amongst many other things. The key is that you are involved in making a change for the better. If that’s you, then join in!

Why a Business Analysis Summit? In a time of unprecedented change and with the economy in challenging times, the chance for business analysis to make a difference is bigger than ever. But it’s not easy, with so many barriers in your way:

  • people often don’t seem to know what they want until you deliver what they don’t want;
  • silos within your organisations;
  • so much work is done virtually, with conference calls and online meetings replacing face-to-face meetings of old
  • the need to communicate effectively with business management at all levels and end users, as well as technical teams;
  • fewer resources and in less time than before, but with with the same need for delivery;
  • everything we produce should ideally be agile and able to flex as necessary as the business changes and adapts over time.
  • But it’s not impossible!

    Join us to hear from a team of global experts as I interview them to gain their top tips on how to succeed with business analysis in your organisation.

    How? You’re in the right place! Sign up now for this year’s summit. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll keep you informed and let you know how to access each day’s interview. The time that you choose to listen in each day is completely up to you: the talks will be available each day from 8am Greenwich Mean Time (3am Eastern Standard Time) for 23 hours. To listen in, you’ll go to a special web page and play back the interview.

    We’ve selected a crack team of experts willing to share their thoughts, ideas, and experience with you, so you can:

    • Learn more about the changing and sometimes complex role of Business Analysts today
    • Understand how crucial business processes are to business analysis and getting things done
    • Find out how you can have a leader’s mindset to be more successful at change
    • Learn how use case models and prototyping can save you time, while improving your work
    • Find out how a business analyst’s responsibilities range from problem investigation through to developing their own skills
    • Hear about some of the certifications that are available and how you can get them
    • Understand the pitfalls you can avoid and gather hints and tips you can use straight away in your work
    • You can even ask your own questions, through the form below

    and more! Of course, the important thing about this BA summit is that you get to ask questions beforehand and participate in discussions on our LinkedIn group and/or via Twitter, so your ideas and issues are central.

    Meet the 2010 World-Class Business Analysis Mentors:

    Penny Pullan

    Penny Pullan: The Role of the Business Analyst 22nd November

    Dr Penny Pullan, your BA Summit Host, is gaining a reputation for putting on outstanding virtual events. Through her company, Making Projects Work Ltd, she is often invited to speak at face-to-face Business Analysis events and conferences, and she jumped at the chance to bring great speakers together virtually. Penny has worked with hundreds of business analysts over the past three years, across industry sectors from banking and finance, through to telecoms and pharmaceuticals. She’ll tap into their experiences too.

    Penny will outline the rapidly developing role of business analysts in making projects and programmes work. She’ll cover what she believes the key skills are for the business analyst as they develop to a senior level. Those who know Penny suspect that facilitation is likely to be one of these!

    Roger Burlton

    Roger Burlton: Business Process 23rd November

    Roger is regarded globally as a thought leader and dynamic practitioner who can bring reason, clarity, and practicality to ways of managing complex business process management challenges. Roger’s insights can be found in his acclaimed book: ‘Business Process Management: Profiting from Process’. He is a co-founder of BPTrends Associates; the services firm of the world-leading BPTrends.com knowledge portal and he started the pioneering Process Renewal Group (PRG) in 1993.

    In this interview, Roger will share his tips on what it really takes to make business process change work.

    Alex Papworth

    Alex Papworth: How to Get a Great Solution, without Time on Your Side 24th November

    Do you have enough time to get the heart of your stakeholders’ requirements? Most analysts don’t feel they do. For one thing, stakeholders seem to have very limited time to spend with us. As the business world speeds up, things are likely to get faster and this problem even deeper.

    In this session, Alex Papworth (of www.bamentor.com and the current President of the UK Chapter of the IIBA) will look at why agreeing a software solution can be such a painful process. He’ll explore how to grab your stakeholders’ attention, gain their confidence and enable you to zero in on a great solution in less time, using use case modelling and prototypes.

    Join this session to understand why these techniques work and how they should be applied. Gain insights from Alex’s practice and refinement over the last ten years, and then apply them in your own work immediately.

    Patrick Mayfield: A Leader’s View of Change 25th November

    Patrick Mayfield founded a leading project, programme and change management consultancy, PearceMayfield, while he was part of a team delivering the PRINCE2® method in 1994. Since then, he’s blended programme management, creativity, problem-solving and mind-mapping as he works with people all around the world to help their projects succeed. (With skills like that, perhaps he should’ve been a business analyst?)
    Patrick will be sharing with us his insights on how we need a leadership mindset to bring change through projects. You’ll find out why he’s in demand from Brisbane to Bangalore, as well as all around the UK. His blog, Lessons of a Learning Leader, will give you a taster of this important session.

    Debra Paul

    Debra Paul: Responsibilities of the business analyst 26 November

    Debra Paul, co-author of the best-selling book Business Analysis and Techniques for Business Analysis, has over 20 years experience of business change and systems development. She specialises in business analysis as Managing Director of AssistKD. Debra is a key player in the UK Business Analysis world, active on steering panels, as a chief ISEB examiner and industry awards judge. On top of all of that, she’s an engaging speaker, full of great ideas that work in the real world.

    Debra will cover the responsibilities of a business analysis. Her wide-ranging talk with range from the importance of problem
    investigation and analysis, stakeholder analysis through to conceptual thinking and beyond. She’ll also cover the responsibility we have to develop skills in three key areas.

    Maryli Marcos

    Maryli Marcos: Gaining Your CBAP 29th November (Certification Day)

    Maryli Marcos runs BA on the Go (www.baonthego.com) which specialises in supporting people to achieve their CBAP application.
    As well as instructing in Business Analysis, Maryli runs webinars which run through the details of how to achieve this IIBA certification, including supplying people with a spreadsheet to help with the thankless task of gathering all of your experience together in the format needed for the CBAP application form.

    Maryli will cover the key things to conside when applying for the CBAP. She’ll help you to work out if this is right for you now and, if so, how best to go about it. If it is something for your future, she’ll help you to identify the best experience you can gain to achieve this in the shortest possible time.

    Tim CardinalPaul Turner

    Tim Cardinal and Paul Turner: Gaining Your ISEB Business Analysis certification 29th November (Certification Day)

    I’m delighted to confirm that Tim Cardinal and Paul Turner will be able to answer your questions about the ISEB Business Analysis qualification scheme.

    Tim Cardinal is the Senior Product Manager responsible for the ISEB portfolio, including the Business Analysis certification scheme, at BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

    Paul Turner is an ISEB Examiner for Business Analysis and co-author of the BCS Business Analysis Techniques book. Paul recently worked with representatives of the IIBA UK Chapter to align the ISEB and IIBA Business Analysis qualifications.

    Ellen Gottesdiener

    Ellen Gottesdiener: Agile Day 30th November

    Ellen Gottesdiener helps business and technical teams collaborate to define and deliver the product customers value and need. She’s the Principal Consultant and Founder of EBG Consulting, Inc.

    Author of two great books Requirements by Collaboration and The Software Requirements Memory Jogger, Ellen is an internationally recognized facilitator, trainer, speaker, and agile coach. She’s an expert on requirements development and management, agile business analysis, product chartering and roadmapping, retrospectives, and collaborative workshops.

    In her agile practice and as contributor to the IIBA BABOK™ agile extension, Ellen is passionate about sharing the value of agile practices for analysis, and the discipline of analysis for agile value delivery. Ellen will share us her tips around how we can be
    much more agile and flexible as Business Analysts in this challenging environment.

    Learn more from her articles, tweets and blog, free eNewsletter and find variety of useful practitioner resources on EBG’s web site.

    Lawrence Darvill

    Lawrence Darvill: A Recruiters Eye View of the Business Analysis Market 1st December (Career Focus Day)

    Lawrence Darvill of Certes recruits business analysts for more than 100 organisations. His clients ask his advice about role profiles, career development frameworks and how they can formally assess the capability of their business analysts. He’s enjoyed seeing the progress of many of the analysts he’s placed, some up to board level. Lawrence is interested in how the BA role is becoming more influential, with much more upfront involvement in change projects, as well as the move towards internal consultant. Lawrence is a key contributor to “Analysts Anonymous”, a newsletter for the UK BA Market.

    Lawrence will answer your questions, as well as sharing his very practical insights into the recruitment and career development of business analysts in the UK. (Just in case you’re wondering, we will use your questions without naming who asked what.)


    Laura Brandenburg: Career Development for Business Analysts 1st December (Career Focus Day)

    Laura Brandenburg is a business analyst mentor and author of “3 Career Habits for Successful Business Analysts“, a free primer on professional development for business analysts. She hosts “Bridging the Gap”, a blog helping business analysts become leaders and advance their careers. She has 10 years of experience leading technology projects and has helped build business analyst practices at four organizations.

    Laura will answer your questions about career development for business analysts, from her US perspective. As a career mentor, Laura has helped several business analysts find and develop fulfilling career paths in business analysis through experience-building, resume evaluations, and application of BA principles. She has also interviewed over 30 senior business analysts as part of researching eBooks, including How to Start a BA Career, Professional Development for Business Analysts, and Career Paths in Business Analysis. Laura will share what real BAs have found really helps them advance their careers and help you navigate the complexities of the BA profession.

    What did people say about the Summit? Here are some extracts from the feedback of the BA Summit 2010:

    Excellent concept brilliantly put together, thanks Penny. Robert Sprigge Business Analyst

    [There was a] word missing from the assessment range, we heard it so many times: FANTASTIC!!!!!!

    I think it’s been a really useful and important event for the business analysis community.
    Nick de Voil, Director, De Voil Consulting

    Thanks for another interesting summit Penny, this is a great way to learn and hear the opinions of others as I can do it when it’s convenient to me. You get a good range of speakers with a huge range of knowledge between them. I’ll definitely tune into the next one

    Thanks for all your efforts. Russ Chalton. Director. C.I.T.B.A. Ltd.

    Listening via browser was easy, did not seem to require any special tool. Flexibility to hear the broadcast any time during the day (I listened in at home in the evenings e.g. while cooking, even in bed just before sleeping, or during lunch break at work). Thought the breadth of topics from different angles was interesting and refreshing, especially enjoyed the Agile one! Very interesting how many speakers converged on the same opinions regarding role and future of BA, key skills etc – good food for thought for me.

    This is an excellent idea. I greatly appreciate the amount of work that you muit have put into organising it. The role of a Business Analyst is an extremely important and responsible one. Anything that encourages quality and enables us to work better is to welcomed. In the past I have done a lot of work on the development of right first time systems development methodology. I know what can be achieved and I wish people were open minded enough to allow us to deliver it. Jeffrey Nakar MIMIS Business Analyst

    I loved it! I loved the flexibility of being able to login anytime during the day to hear the interviews. The speakers that I heard were very professional, and well worth the time invested to listen to them. This was excellent!! thank you! Debbie Garcia, Business Analyst

    Thank you so much for organising!

    The topics were really interesting and the 1 pagers that were provided allowed for additional insight into the topics. A huge thank you for taking the time to help us all become more professional and improve our skills. Susan, Business Analyst

    I think this summit was a great idea and for a first attempt worked well, looking forward to next year. Richard Cheetham, Business Analyst

    I liked hearing the views of where things are going and what techniques are used. It helps to keep our own role structure and methods in perspective. Jeffrey Nakar MIMIS Business Analyst

    Was easy to listen, stop and start. Thanks Penny! Jill St. Clair/Sr Business Analyst

    A great summit. I feel quite invigorated! Nicki Boyd, BA Team Leader, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd

    THANK YOU PENNY for what you are doing for the community. i’d like to see how next year, this can spread to more of the US community. one idea: if you give a slight discount for the recordings to IIBA members, maybe they will help ‘market’ it.

    I thought the pace and lengths of each of the sessions were pitched just right, allowing me to take the discussions on-board without feeling ‘swamped’ at any point. I think it was very helpful. Thanks for a great series of talks, I’ll look forward to the next Summit in 2011. Ken Parsonage, Senior Business Analyst

    That it was a free event with the ability to log in and listen when convenient to the listener. There were also a wide range of speakers and topics that interested me. What worked well? – The length of the webinars. – The topics and speakers. What did you like during the summit? – Use of social media for comments / feedback i.e. Twitter and Linkedin. What was helpful? – URL references to additional content – Supplementary information

    The information was good and very useful. The speakers were well-known names.

    All the summit was excelent. Wonderful! But, the ‘career focus day was the high point. Arlinda veiga, Business consultant

    1. The summit being available throughout the day 2. Diverse background of speakers 3. Very well moderated, representing the voice of the listeners / questioners 4. Linkedin group for discussions It was a wonderful summit and I feel privileged in being a part of it. Definitely look forward to attending such summits in future as well. Salman Saleem – Sr. business Analyst

    Thanks for going to the work to putting this on. It’s a great format and good supplement to other knowledge gathering opportunities. I am a fairly experienced BA, but I always find opportunities to listen to other’s perspectives very helpful. Kent J. McDonald, Business Advisor Knowledge Bridge Partners

    The flexibility of listening to the session at a convenient time during the day, the fact that it was a webinar, duration of the sessions were just long enough to keep my interest; excellent presentation and quality speakers Anne Marie Tovey, Business Analyst

    Excellent summit with a broad range of topics and lots of valuable learning points, thank you Penny. Corrine Thomas, Business Analysis Team Manager

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