Hybrid: When you can’t all be together

by Dr Penny Pullan

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Dr Penny Pullan, your Summit Host, will kick-off your summit on 7th November. Her session will be ‘Hybrid: When you can’t all be together’.

The second edition of her bestseller is now out: Virtual Leadership: Practical Strategies for success with remote or hybrid work and teams. This book has a whole chapter devoted to Hybrid.

While most of the world went virtual in 2020, Penny went virtual nineteen years before. 9/11 grounded her as she was about to fly to her first programme’s two week kick-off meeting in New York. Instead, it had to happen virtually! Since then, she has supported organizations and individuals all over the world and across industries to be more effective virtual leaders, across industry sectors from banking to telecoms, and pharma. She sees core elements in how we collaborate creatively whether virtual, hybrid or in-person, and is keen to.

Penny is a director of Making Projects Work Ltd, and she has hosted these Virtual Summits since 2010. You can contact Penny on Twitter at @PennyPullan or by responding to the summit e-mails.

Penny’s Virtual Leadership model

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Meet Our 2022 Summit Speakers

Dr Penny Pullan


7th November 2022

Hybrid: When you can’t all be together

Dr Ruth Murray-Webster


8th November 2022


Tim Russell


9th November 2022

Hybrid: Impact, not input

Michelle Tilley


10th November 2022

Making Risk Easy

Eleanor Winton


11th November 2022

The Disruption Game Plan

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