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Grace Marshall

Grace Marshall: How to be really productive when you are working virtually 1st December

Grace Marshall recently wrote the book ‘How to be REALLY productive: achieving clarity and getting results in a world where work never ends’, published by Pearson. Her session answers a number of questions from Summit participants.
Grace Marshall is head coach and chief encourager at and author of two books. Her session lasts just over 48 minutes.

Priya Abraham

Priya E. Abraham: Cyberconnecting – how to increase your virtual productivity through identity
30th November

In our virtual world of work, we all switch between the physical world and the digital world seamlessly. But how does our identity change and how can that help to build connections with remote colleagues?

In this fascinating session, cyber-anthropologist Dr Priya E. Abraham will explore the various strands of identity that we can use to build strong connections with others across boundaries. We all have a range of tangible and intangible identity elements coexisting and, once you know more about these, you can adjust each one to help you connect with others.

This session will give you new insights into your own personal identity map and help you gain a new perspective on how to connect effectively with people worldwide.
Priya’s recent book Cyberconnecting was published by Gower this year. You may contact Priya via her website.

Priya has given a 25% off offer for delegates to the Summit. You can find out more about the CyberIBT here.

Priya’s session is just under 38 minutes long.

Priya's identify elements

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