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Thank you for signing up for the 2021 Business Analysis Summit! In a few minutes you should receive an email from me with confirmation of your registration. If you’d like lifetime access to all the interviews and presentations for the 2020 Summit then you can buy an All Access Pass. This will give you lifetime access to the recordings, the ability to download them and the transcriptions to read through the interviews, quickly scanning for the parts you are most interested in.

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Here is what the virtual Summit looks like, showing pages from the 2015 Summit

Feedback From Past Summits

Very knowledgeable speakers and enjoyable to listen to (2018)

Kirsteen Pitkin-Douglas

Business Analyst

I thought this year's summit was excellent. I listened to all the talks right through. (2018)

Jeffrey Nakar

Senior BA, Chaucer

You hit a home run with the speakers this year! It was fantastic. (2018)

Charlene Seini

Senior Consultant

The feedback that the presenters provided during the interviews were informative and useful.

Cheryl Harris-Barney

Business Analyst (contractor)

The real work experiences given by the speakers was valuable.

Reggie Musonza

Senior Business analyst

There were useful tips.

Sally Patmore

Business Design Analyst

The questions were selected carefully to provide the best discussion.

James Robertson

Principal the Atlantic Systems Guild

Flexibility to listen when wanted

Anthony Okolie

Topics were great and the interaction between host and presenters provided great quality material.

Excellent summit with a broad range of topics and lots of valuable learning points, thank you Penny.

Corrine Thomas

I liked hearing the views of where things are going and what techniques are used. It helps to keep our own role structure and methods in perspective.

Jeffrey Nakar

MIMIS Business Analyst

I loved it! I loved the flexibility of being able to login anytime during the day to hear the interviews. The speakers that I heard were very professional, and well worth the time invested to listen to them. This was excellent!! thank you!

Debbie Garcia

Business Analyst

Here is a sample of what you get when you upgrade:

  • Information on each speaker
  • Links to their work and/or books
  • Their session to listen to online, when it suits you
  • The MP3 file to download
  • The transcript of their session to read (great for quick reference)
  • And a chance to reflect on each topic 1:1 with Penny Pullan, your BA Summit Host.

Showing a session from 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the All Access Pass:

How do I access the expert interviews?

Once you have upgraded, I’ll send you a link to our virtual learning environment. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to our BA Summit 2018 area. At first, this area will be empty, but as the Summit progresses, you’ll find each talk available there for streaming and/or download, whatever suits you. The transcriptions will take a week or two, as they will be prepared by people who transcribe and edit the talks so that they are easy to read.

How long will I have access to the interviews for?

As an All Access Pass holder you’ll get lifetime access to the recordings.

Can I share the interviews with my colleagues and friends?

Please don’t share copies of your All Access Pass recordings. Each pass entitles you to a copy of the recordings for use by one person only. If a colleague or friend would like a copy of the recordings, they’ll need to get an All Access Pass for themselves. We’ve made the price of the pass low so that everyone can afford to get a copy while covering our costs for running the summit. If several colleagues in your organisation would like to get a copy of the recordings, I do have packages for businesses, giving great discounts on 10, 50 or 100 people. Contact Penny by e-mail with the subject ‘BA Summit Packages’, stating the number of people involved.

Do I need any special equipment to listen to the interviews?
The interviews can be listened to on any modern computer, tablet or phone. The main requirement is that you have a fast enough internet connection for the audio to play. If you can watch youtube videos from your device then you should be fine to listen to the summit interviews too (and they’ll be much more useful for you!) To download the interviews to your computer you’ll need enough hard disk space to store them – usually about 5Gb is needed.
What if I have problems accessing my All Access Pass recordings?

Just email me at and we’ll get back to you straight away. As an All Access Pass buyer you’ll get priority support.

More Feedback From Past Summits

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